An “Hottastic” Day (by the big sister)

                     Today we went to check if she was healthy. I think she about wore mom out. Mei Mei cried most of the time. I think she was nervous. Me and mom just went shopping together. Now we’re eating chinese jello. I’m having a blast!


Pretty Jiang Cheng Cai

by MaMa

We have had A for three days now.  She is a cheerful, extremely energetic and curious child.  She sings and chatters to us almost constantly.  She speaks the Jiang City dialect and Grace our CCAI rep sp

Our First Glimpse of CaiCai

eaks Cantonese, but does not understand most of what she says. L is a great big sister and is having fun with A.  Granny has a new name PoPo (rhymes with hairbow).  This is said with much enthusiasm.  Cheng Cai is pronounced Sing Tchoy.  CaiCai loves bows in  her hair and all her new shoes.  She is very neat and tidy.  The wind up toys from B&L were a big hit,  That is when A decided JieJ

ie was cool.  JieJie has taught her to “high five”.  She is saying a few english words.  We now the Jiang words for potty.  I think CaiCai and I know where all the restrooms in the White Swan Hotel are.  ‘

I will try later to fill in a daily log of our travels soon.  We had a snafu with our photo download, but have that fixed.  It has been an amazing trip.  We have many great memories already.  I know some of it is that we are visiting some of the weathier cities in China, but things have changed since we were here nine years ago,  Shaiman island and Guangzhou are getting a face lift for the Asian Pacific Games that are to be held here in October.  There is construction going on everywhere.  The playground is gone, but there are beautiful flower beds and statues everywhere. 

We may try to go to the Guangzhou Amusement Park today.

Time for a Breather

Granny Here!  The three musketeers are off to the amusement  park . I am going to do my postcards ect. There is an exhibit of embroidery art pictures in the hotel that were worth the trip. Everywhere you look is  a new scene. Love my new little family member. bye for now

Tourisim(by the big sister)


                We’ve made it to Guanzhou! Today, Monday July 26, 2010 I will officially be a big sister! It’s at 3:00 sharp!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for 4 ½ years. When we were in Beijing we got to climb THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!! We got to the third watch tower. The view was beautiful! Also I saw The Forbidden City,the Jade Factory and, the Silk Factory. One my favorites was, the Birds Nest (Olympic Stadium).                      

Everyone At the Birds Nest

Ready To Go

(by big sister)

This is the last day until we go to China! I will be on the plane for 2 days. This will be the longest I have ever been on an airplane!! I wonder what it will be like !? What is the longest flight you’ve been on?

Fortunes Go Lucky

( By the big sister)

When we went to dinner tonight, we got lucky! It was wierd, when I opened my fortune cookie it read:   YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS WILL SOON BE REVEALED. It was true. Earlier today I re-hooked up the computer and printer with no help! I didn’t even know I could do that. Mom said being a good big sister may be my hidden talent.

My mom’s fortune said: YOU WILL ENJOY DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT THIS COMING WEEKEND. I’d say that’s an understatement! We will be off to China this coming weekend!

My fortune is making me think maybe I could be a technician when I grow up!

Trip of a Lifetime Times 2

We are about to embark on a second “Trip of a Lifetime” to adopt MeiMei (little sister).  She is 4 1/2 years old.  We will be going to Guangdong Province, China.  MaMa, JieJie (big sister) and NaiNai (grandmother) will be making the trip.  We will be posting updates of our travels.  Currently MaMa and JieJie are in serious decluttering mode.

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