Almost There!

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Sunday Night in Hong Kong, by the big sister’

I’m getting  jumpy! Tommorow we will be on a  plane. (it is also mei mei’s 2nd plane) Like I said before,it takes two days to get from Denver to China. The weird thing is we leave on Monday and get home on Monday because  you’re in a different timezone. When we flew to China we flew over my best friend who was in Alaska! Luckily, they are going to pick us up at the airport! Bye for now!!


Favorite Memories of China


Posted by Mom. Wednesday Night in Guangzhou

Good Evening,  I thought I would be better about posting little bits and pieces.  Our one week rental of internet service at the White Swan is running out early tomorrow morning, so I better post now.  Some of my favorite memories of China

Eating Dumplings with L the first evening in Beijing.  The neighborhood reminded me of a NYC or Philly neighborhood.

Hiking the Great Wall of China with L and Granny- could not believe I was really seeing the view with my own eyes.

Riding a Rickshaw around the Houtong (ancient walled city) of Beijing…I would love to just walk and ride aroundin the neighborhood for several days.   

Seeing A’s sweet little face for the first time.

Watching L&A walk down the hall.

Finally made it to the Six Banyan Trees Temple—L&A both received their blessing.  It was a beautiful place and restful.

Watching the riverboats go up and down the Pearl River.

We went swimming this evening in the waterfall pool by the river.  A is lots less timid in the water.  L has made many friends at the pool.

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment and early Saturday we fly to Hong Kong.  We should have internet access again in Hong Kong.   The consulate is no longer on the island, so we brave the Guangzhou traffic, once again.

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On My Way

(by the big sister)

here is a post we thought we had lost…it is about 9 days old, 

  I had a blast on the flight to Guanghou. I got to listen to music and watch movies! When we arrived in Guanzhou, our REP drove us to our hotel in which was supposed to take half an hour, but the traffic was so bad it took us three to four hours! Pretty much we saw a lot of Guangzhou, and that includes the two men that were fighting!

Ready To Go (by the big sister)

                           I am ready to go! I have been homesick.But I am still having alot of fun. Right now we are putting Cai Cai p for a nap. In a bit’ we will on a river cruise and eat dinner. I”m so exited. This will be the first boat I have ever beeen on!  This morning we  went shopping at the pearl market. It is in the shopping center. It is huge with lots of shops. A few days ago we went to the amusment park. They had an activity in a little pond with lots of fish. They give you a fish net and all you would do is catch the fish and put them in a bag. Then you could keep them as pets! I wish we had that at our amusment park!