Ready To Go (by the big sister)

                           I am ready to go! I have been homesick.But I am still having alot of fun. Right now we are putting Cai Cai p for a nap. In a bit’ we will on a river cruise and eat dinner. I”m so exited. This will be the first boat I have ever beeen on!  This morning we  went shopping at the pearl market. It is in the shopping center. It is huge with lots of shops. A few days ago we went to the amusment park. They had an activity in a little pond with lots of fish. They give you a fish net and all you would do is catch the fish and put them in a bag. Then you could keep them as pets! I wish we had that at our amusment park!


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  1. Donna & Bill
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 09:46:55


    I think I finally figured this out – had a terrible time the last week bringing up all the wonderful pictures and updates. Ava is beautiful, but then so is her big sister. Will be glad to see all of you on your return and know you are having a wonderful time.


    Bill and Donna


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