Favorite Memories of China


Posted by Mom. Wednesday Night in Guangzhou

Good Evening,  I thought I would be better about posting little bits and pieces.  Our one week rental of internet service at the White Swan is running out early tomorrow morning, so I better post now.  Some of my favorite memories of China

Eating Dumplings with L the first evening in Beijing.  The neighborhood reminded me of a NYC or Philly neighborhood.

Hiking the Great Wall of China with L and Granny- could not believe I was really seeing the view with my own eyes.

Riding a Rickshaw around the Houtong (ancient walled city) of Beijing…I would love to just walk and ride aroundin the neighborhood for several days.   

Seeing A’s sweet little face for the first time.

Watching L&A walk down the hall.

Finally made it to the Six Banyan Trees Temple—L&A both received their blessing.  It was a beautiful place and restful.

Watching the riverboats go up and down the Pearl River.

We went swimming this evening in the waterfall pool by the river.  A is lots less timid in the water.  L has made many friends at the pool.

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment and early Saturday we fly to Hong Kong.  We should have internet access again in Hong Kong.   The consulate is no longer on the island, so we brave the Guangzhou traffic, once again.

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  1. Ginger, Eve and Joy
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 08:08:04

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Your photos and comments are wonderful. As we know, you are keeping yourself very busy just being Mom. We’ll look forward to hearing all about your adventures and meeting the newest family member upon your return. Safe travels.

    Ginger. Eve and Joy


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