Life is Good

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by Mom, September 9, 2010

We have been home a month today.  What changes… MieMie has learned to use scissors, go down a slide,  ride a tricycle and is understanding many things.  She says quite a few english words and has a number of sentences she uses.  JieJie and MaMa have learned a few YangJiang dialect words.  JieJie is back into the swing of things and helped her Gym Teacher with a mini Jump Rope Clinic for K through 2nd grade this morning.   MieMie went to preschool for a few hours,  she did great considering all the transitions in her life.  

On the way to Colorado Chinese Heritage Camp this weekend, we saw a moose! I have visited Yellowstone, Maine, and the Pacific NW hoping to see a moose and I finally see one in Grand County, right next to Highway 40.  JieJie had a wonderful time at Heritage Camp.  She is always sad to leave.  MeiMei, on the other  hand, was a little overwhelmed but had moments of fun.


Hong Kong Here We Are

Good Morning

We arrived at the Nikko Hotel in Memorable Fashion.  The moment I set CaiCai down on the shuttle bus aisle, she threw up.  At least this adoption trip, I managed to not be the one that received the bulk of the offering–maybe it is a sign I have learned something.  She seems to be ok, so I think it was motion sickness.  We had dinner at the patio of the Mooloowooloo (or something) Steakhouse on the harbour.  We may go to the O Tai Fishing Village today.  Looks like our shopping excursions will be limited, I am not sure we can even afford window shooping in most of these stores.

September note, found this in the drafts… not a born blogger.