Xin nian Kuai le!

Happy Chinese New Year from US

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Ten years ago coming home late from a meeting I saw my first Lion Dancers entering a restaurant.  It made me teary eyed as I was waiting for a match photo for L.   I anticipated future Lion Dances with my daughter.  I could have neverenvisioned the wonderful things I was about to experience starting a few months later. 

This year we are experiencing Chines New Year in a whole new way.  L has joined a Lion Dancing Troupe.  A and I have seen about 5 Lion dances in the last week.  Even some Dragon and Centipede (first for us) dances.  It is hard to imagine Our Family being more lucky, but we should be steeped in luck by the time the lunar new year festivities are ended. 

I hope you enjoy our new photos and can get a glimmer of the excitement and beauty of the Lion Dance.  May God bless your new year.