Life Couldn’t be Better (by L)


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         Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged for a while- been busy. Guess what?! I made it into to the international middle school I applied to. It’s so much fun! I wish I could go to school every day. I think I will stay here until I’m done with high-school. I also have many new friends and I’m excited. A is doing great. She’s already learned how to skip. She is now in kindergarden. My lion dancing group and I are having alot of fun. I am training very hard for the New Year! We traveled to New Mexico! We saw many exiting sites. It was marvelous!!! Reply back and tell me what you think of the pics!


Xin nian Kuai le!

Happy Chinese New Year from US

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Ten years ago coming home late from a meeting I saw my first Lion Dancers entering a restaurant.  It made me teary eyed as I was waiting for a match photo for L.   I anticipated future Lion Dances with my daughter.  I could have neverenvisioned the wonderful things I was about to experience starting a few months later. 

This year we are experiencing Chines New Year in a whole new way.  L has joined a Lion Dancing Troupe.  A and I have seen about 5 Lion dances in the last week.  Even some Dragon and Centipede (first for us) dances.  It is hard to imagine Our Family being more lucky, but we should be steeped in luck by the time the lunar new year festivities are ended. 

I hope you enjoy our new photos and can get a glimmer of the excitement and beauty of the Lion Dance.  May God bless your new year.

A Big New Year by L

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s a new year and a new start. I’m so exited! I am going to be busy though. My lion Dancing team and I are doing tons of perfomances this coming Chines New Year.  I am going to have to get tons of left. I have performances one by one.  A’s calming down alot and having a blast. Got to go!

Home Sweet Home!by L

It’s been a while since we got A and we’re doing swell. At first it was hard but I’ve calmed down a lot. I am waiting for my friends to pick me up from my house to go to a party. Now ever since I came home I miss China. It was fun doing all the sight-seeing. I am hopefully going to go again  in high school. That’s a long time though. For middle school, I am applying for an  international school. I will take mandarin there. Hmmm.                 Sorry. I had to take a break. I have also been doing lion dancing.

Life is Good

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by Mom, September 9, 2010

We have been home a month today.  What changes… MieMie has learned to use scissors, go down a slide,  ride a tricycle and is understanding many things.  She says quite a few english words and has a number of sentences she uses.  JieJie and MaMa have learned a few YangJiang dialect words.  JieJie is back into the swing of things and helped her Gym Teacher with a mini Jump Rope Clinic for K through 2nd grade this morning.   MieMie went to preschool for a few hours,  she did great considering all the transitions in her life.  

On the way to Colorado Chinese Heritage Camp this weekend, we saw a moose! I have visited Yellowstone, Maine, and the Pacific NW hoping to see a moose and I finally see one in Grand County, right next to Highway 40.  JieJie had a wonderful time at Heritage Camp.  She is always sad to leave.  MeiMei, on the other  hand, was a little overwhelmed but had moments of fun.

Hong Kong Here We Are

Good Morning

We arrived at the Nikko Hotel in Memorable Fashion.  The moment I set CaiCai down on the shuttle bus aisle, she threw up.  At least this adoption trip, I managed to not be the one that received the bulk of the offering–maybe it is a sign I have learned something.  She seems to be ok, so I think it was motion sickness.  We had dinner at the patio of the Mooloowooloo (or something) Steakhouse on the harbour.  We may go to the O Tai Fishing Village today.  Looks like our shopping excursions will be limited, I am not sure we can even afford window shooping in most of these stores.

September note, found this in the drafts… not a born blogger.

Almost There!

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Sunday Night in Hong Kong, by the big sister’

I’m getting  jumpy! Tommorow we will be on a  plane. (it is also mei mei’s 2nd plane) Like I said before,it takes two days to get from Denver to China. The weird thing is we leave on Monday and get home on Monday because  you’re in a different timezone. When we flew to China we flew over my best friend who was in Alaska! Luckily, they are going to pick us up at the airport! Bye for now!!

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